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YOU can have the greatest most significant impact now. Start buying white cars and white roofs to save money on air conditioning, white trailers, white garden furniture, use white stucco on all wall crowning, white garden sheds, white patio awnings, white hats, white shirts, coats, overcoats, white car covers, white boat covers, white car ports, white umbrellas, white covered patios and decks, white tiled swimming pools, white tiled island barbecues, white roofed trucks and trailers, white roof train cars. Only elect public officials that will wage the war against military spending, and increase government sponsored green technology global-warming compatible initiatives with concrete results seen at the local level with city ordinances that allow the public to do the right thing to their houses, etc... Also public officials that will push for public transportations with white roofs, public buildings with white roofs, light colored concrete roads rather than asphalt, light concrete sidewalks, light concrete parking lots, bus stops with white roofs, government vehicles with white roofs, white water tower roofs, etc...The time to act is now, let's "paint" the world white!

Of course let's not forget about planting as many trees as we can, or ask our landlord to do that, telling our employers that they can and should do the same, and ask their landlords, going to work riding our bicycle when possible, taking public transportation, rideshare, think about planning our trips to make as few of them as possible, recycle, turning off lights when not in use, make sure that the light bulbs are very efficient, get rid of our driers and use the wind like in the good old days, etc...

And here is a list of action items we should all be very concerned about as if our lives depended upon it, because it does. If we are not going to succeed with the following list, how on earth are we going to succeed at saving our civilization? Here are a few for starters:   Do not go to another zoo ever again   Do not go to another SeaWorld ever again   Do not give any money to any organization that captures animals for financial gains   Do not go to the circus ever again   In fact you can picket in front of these places of animal torture and share you views with the prospective visitors   Save the polar bear   Save the whales   Save the sharks   Save the dolphins   Save the walruses   Save the seals   Save the tigers   etc...

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A) Manage our tweets. B) Manage our blogs. C) Manage our Twitter accounts. D) Help us with the technical side of website design. E) Help us with SEO. F) Help us with research, you discover, we find your discovery relevant, we post. G) Help us with sharing your own proofs of climate change / global warming. H) Help us building / managing a forum. I) Help us find sponsors. J) Help us translating any part of the website in French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc... K) Help us with linking this website on your website, Facebook, Blog, Twitter account, Message board, Cafeteria board, spreading the news in general... L) Manage our Facebook pages. M) Help us implement new functionalities using your skills.

WE would like to hear how you are doing. Please tell us what you have changed in your lives, give us numbers (we love numbers) and we'll post the results. EVERY little bit counts. Give us suggestions, make comments, share your knowledge, share your circle of influence, introduce us to the people with the power to help us, etc...

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