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2015 Sep 10: From the Office of the Governor of California, Edmund G. Brown Jr.
2015 Aug 25: Here's what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian papers
2013 Aug 12: Why the World Bank Is Taking On Climate Change
2013 Feb 5: "CHASING ICE" captures largest glacier calving ever filmed - OFFICIAL VIDEO
2012 Aug 31: Antarctic Methane Could Escape, Worsen Warming
2012 Aug 24: The New Game. From "Monetary Consumerism" to "Great Life Experience"
2012 Aug 21: Arctic sea ice set to hit record low
2012 Aug 15: Melting of Greenland Ice Sheet Breaks 30-Year Record
2012 Jul 26: Greenland's ice sheet is melting fast – I'm not surprised
2012 Jun 28: Mark Ruffalo, Marco Krapels, Mark Jacobson: Power the World with Wind, Water & Sunlight - Video
2012 Jun 11: Climate change rate could be faster than thought, study suggests
2012 Jun 1: Greenhouse gas levels pass symbolic 400ppm CO2 milestone
2012 May 12: Global Warming: An Exclusive Look at James Hansen’s Scary New Math
2012 May 1: The truth about renewable energy: Inexpensive, reliable, and inexhaustible
2012 Apr 19: Life is Fragile by Carl Sagan, Christopher Hitchens and Neil deGrasse Tyson - Video
2012 Apr 16: "Things happen" - Connect the dots on 5/15/2012 - Video
2012 Apr 5: THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? - Video
2011 Nov 1: Birth of CulturalCreatives.tv - Video
2011 Oct 1: Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing energy from the grid - Video
2011 Jun 11: State Of The Ocean: Shocking Report Warns of Mass Extinction From Current Rate of Marine Distress
2011 May 31: Carbon levels hit new peak, research shows
2011 May 24: CoolRoofs Season Kicks Off In Harlem - Video
2011 May 9: Paul Nicklen: Tales of ice-bound wonderlands - Video
2011 May 1: 1/3 The Next Evolution - Talk With Jack Reed - Video   2/3   3/3
2011 Apr 5: Arctic Ocean freshwater will cause 'unpredictable changes on climate'
2011 Mar 28: Dr. Donald Brown: Are Climate Change Deniers Committing Crimes Against Humanity? - Video
2011 Feb 27: TRAILER - Cultural Creatives 1.0 - The (R)evolution - Video
2011 Feb 18: World facing climate chaos: Suzuki - Video
2011 Jan 21: Greenland ice melt sets a record — and could set the stage for sea level rise
2011 Jan 17: Naomi Klein: Addicted to risk - Video
2011 Jan 16: greenland_melting.m4v - Video
2011 Jan 14: The sun rises two days early in Greenland, sparking fears that climate change is accelerating
2011 Jan 6: Dalai Lama wants to go green
2011 Jan 5: Repeat of a negative Arctic Oscillation leads to warm Arctic, low sea ice extent
2011 Jan 1: Disappearing Lakes
2010 Dec 29: In Cancun, it was apparent the future had become the present. The danger is now
2010 Dec 15: Carbon curbs could save polar bear: study
2010 Dec 15: Unstable Antarctica: What's Driving Ice Loss?
2010 Dec 14: Antarctic Melting as Deep Ocean Heat Rises
2010 Dec 12: Book review: Achieving the impossible by Lewis Gordon Pugh
2010 Dec 12: Opinion-editorial: Our environmental blinders hinder our ability to change
2010 Dec 10: Climate Change: The Evidence and our Options by Lonnie G. Thompson
2010 Dec 7: Himalayan glaciers melting at alarming rates; reducing soot and other non-CO2 forcers key to survival
2010 Dec 7: Climate warming risks better understood says Met Office
2010 Dec 6: Al Gore on Greenland Melting - Video
2010 Dec 2: Green Roofs are Starting To Sprout in American Cities
2010 Nov 30: New polar bear research findings revealed
2010 Nov 22: The Warming of Antarctica: A Citadel of Ice Begins to Melt
2010 Nov 22: ESA's ice mission goes live
2010 Nov 18: Late Hudson Bay ice imperils polar bears
2010 Nov 15: Measuring fast-melting Arctic sea ice - Julienne Stroeve, National Snow and Ice Data Center
2010 Nov 13: As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Seas - Video
2010 Nov 13: Fast Melting Glaciers Threaten Biodiversity
2010 Nov 9: NASA Study Quantifies Role of Melt in Loss of Old Arctic Sea Ice
2010 Nov 8: Lonnie Thompson: Saving Indonesia’s ice climate record is race against time
2010 Nov 7: Don't believe in global warming? That's not very conservative.
2010 Nov 7: Ice-Capped Greenland Feels the Heat with North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures far Above Normal
2010 Nov 4: Scientist to Retrieve Detailed Photos of Greenland’s 2010 Record Ice Melt
2010 Nov 4: Cornell Research Team Studies Climate Change Impacts by Observing Tropical Frog
2010 Nov 3: Prop 23 is Defeated in California, big win for clean energy - Video
2010 Nov 1: Stray Siberian polar bear gives experts pause for thought
2010 Nov 1: Climate change: evidence from the geological record
2010 Oct 31: Greenland ice now melting twice as fast
2010 Oct 25: Glacier National Park’s glaciers: Going, going . . .
2010 Oct 23: Chronicle of a community on thin ice
2010 Oct 22: Greenland ice sheet melting at record rate
2010 Oct 19: Kyrgyz glaciers melting faster
2010 Oct 19: Arctic Report Card 2010. Return to previous Arctic conditions is unlikely - Video
2010 Oct 19: New York Whitewashes a Million Square Feet of Rooftop
2010 Oct 18: Jay Zwally on melting at Greenland’s largest outlet glacier
2010 Oct 13: Mayor Bloomberg coats 1,000,000 Sq Ft of white rooftop as part of NYC service cool roofs initiative
2010 Oct 9: China's glaciers may shrink 27 percent by 2050: Report
2010 Oct 6: Montana's melting glaciers: The poster-child for climate change
2010 Oct 5: Alarming Increase in Flow of Water Into Oceans Due to Global Warming, Accelerated Cycle of...
2010 Oct 5: European Shark Week 2010 - Focus on Finning - Video
2010 Oct 4: Himalayas Unsettled by Melting Glaciers: More Avalanches
2010 Sep 29: Meltdown in Greenland: inland ice drips away at record speed
2010 Sep 27: Kilimanjaro's Rapid Glacier Melting Quickened by Deforestation
2010 Sep 24: James Balog Extreme Ice Survey) Winner of the prestigious Heinz environmental award
2010 Sep 22: Greenland glacier 'shrinking fast' - Video
2010 Sep 22: How Do We Know: Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheet - Video
2010 Sep 20: This is what Global Warming looks like - Video
2010 Sep 20: Climate in Context: Arctic Ice Melting Affects Phytoplankton
2009 Sep 17: Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification - Video
2010 Sep 14: Home of "Ice Giants" thaws, shows pre-Viking hunts
2010 Sep 14: Scientists track sharp drop in oldest, thickest Arctic sea ice, likely setting lowest volume record
2010 Sep 13: 2010 Arctic Ice Update
2010 Sep 13: Investigating Greenland's Melting Glaciers - Video
2010 Sep 13: Arctic ice melting quickly, German report says
2010 Sep 13: Melting sea ice forces walruses ashore in Alaska
2010 Sep 9: Collapse of the ice titans
2010 Sep 8: Turkey's Mount Ararat glaciers shrink
2010 Sep 7: Balancing the risks of Greenland’s melting ice sheet
2010 Sep 7: The Skeptics - Video
2010 Aug 31: USGS Confirms Himalayan Glaciers Are Melting & Climate Change is to Blame
2010 Aug 31: Arctic ice: Less than meets the eye
2010 Aug 30: Manitoba town gets surprise visit from polar bear
2010 Aug 28: After thousands of years, Canada's 'majestic' ice shelves disintegrating
2010 Aug 24: Lee Hotz: Inside an Antarctic time machine - Video
2010 Aug 20: World's ocean temps are warmest on record
2010 Aug 20: Is the ice in the Arctic Ocean getting thinner and thinner? Research aircraft Polar 5 measures...
2010 Aug 17: Puzzle of Antarctic ice solved?
2010 Aug 16: Could Climate Change Get Us Killed?
2010 Aug 13: The crack in the roof of the world: 'Yes, global warming is real - and deeply worrying'
2010 Aug 13: Physicists builds glaciers in Swiss Alps - Video
2010 Aug 12: Scientists: Summer Catastrophes Fit Predictions
2010 Aug 11: Argentine lower house passes glacier bill
2010 Aug 11: What Cooling? Greenland's melting - Video
2010 Aug 10: Indonesian Ice Fields May be Gone in A Matter of Years, Study Finds
2010 Aug 10: Greenland ice sheet faces 'tipping point in 10 years'
2010 Aug 6: Greenland glacier calves island 4 times the size of Manhattan, UD scientist reports
2010 Aug 5: Warmer Great Lakes: Nice for a dip, but worrisome
2010 Aug 4: July sea ice second lowest: oldest ice begins to melt
2010 Aug 2: Ice-free Arctic Ocean may not be of much use in soaking up carbon dioxide, a component of global...
2010 Aug 1: Global Warming Impacts
2010 Aug 1: Papua expedition to record death of glaciers
2010 Jul 30: Lewis Pugh's mind-shifting Everest swim - Video
2010 Jul 31: Greenland Ice Melting More Than Ever Before - Video
2010 Jul 29: Stopping Soot Emissions Only Way to Prevent Runaway Arctic Sea Ice Melting - Video 
2010 Jul 29: The Earth is hotter than ever, global warming is real, researchers warn
2010 Jul 28: State of the Climate in 2009 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2010 Jul 26: Arctic studies show dire effect of ocean acidity
2010 Jul 21: Sea ice melting fast: Russia
2010 Jul 20: Arctic Sea Ice Melting 2010 / Day:200 - Video
2010 Jul 20: CryoSat-2 Returns First Data
2010 Jul 20: About climate change - Video
2010 Jul 18: Photos show dramatic shrinking of Mount Everest glaciers
2010 Jul 16: Photos Reveal Receding Himalaya Glaciers
2010 Jul 16: Footloose Glaciers Crack Up
2010 Jul 16: World simmers in hottest year so far
2010 Jul 16: Photos 'show Himalayan glaciers receding'
2010 Jul 15: Himalayan Glaciers Melting Faster Than Anywhere Else in World; Impact Could Devastate... - Video
2010 Jul 13: Arctic sea ice melting faster than ever
2010 Jul 12: Big Chunk of Ice Breaks Off of Greenland Glacier
2010 Jul 11: U.S. energy secretary backs 'white roofs' idea - Video
2010 Jul 9: Global Warming Gives a Serious Warning
2010 Jul 5: Dutch review backs UN climate science report - Video part 1   part 2   part 3
2010 Jul 5: Melting ice fields pose serious threat to water supply in Asia
2010 Jul 5: Ice and ocean processes in the Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica
2010 Jul 3: Melting Alaska Glaciers Comparisons - Video
2010 Jul 1: Guidelines for Selecting Cool Roofs
2010 Jun 30: Study: Global warming pushing Arctic closer to point of no return
2010 Jun 28: Arctic Under Pressure: Deep Sea Life - Greenpeace Video
2010 Jun 25: Scientific expertise lacking among 'doubters' of climate change, says Stanford-led analysis
2010 Jun 21: Arctic sea ice melting unusually fast
2010 Jun 21: Scientists in Central Asia join forces in response to glaciers melting at alarming rate
2010 Jun 21: Kangrez glaciers melting in Himalayas - Video
2010 Jun 19: Scientists probe climate memories in vanishing glacier
2010 Jun 17: Arctic sea ice melting faster: Study (Arctic sea ice melted 50% faster than the average rate)
2010 Jun 17: Peruvian Team Paints Mountain White to Rehab a Melted Glacier
2010 Jun 15: NOAA: May Global Temperature is Warmest on Record
2010 Jun 11: Melting Glaciers Imperil Some--But Not All--Asian Rivers
2010 Jun 9: Ice is the focus of new Nasa mission. NASA Antarctic Mission Operation ICE Bridge 2009 - Video
2010 Jun 9: Nasa's ocean mission to study the ice cover in the Arctic Ocean
2010 Jun 8: Gore: Saving climate will save, not lose, money
2010 Jun 3: UN Urges Global Move to Meat and Dairy-Free Diet
2010 Jun 2: EXCLUSIVE: BP Fire Video from Firefighting Boat. The truth finally comes out...     Also on MSNBC
2010 Jun 1: Brian Skerry reveals ocean's glory -- and horror - Video
2010 Jun 1: BP wanted the rig to sink. Now we have oil on the surface of the water which traps more heat
2010 May 30: Suffering the consequences. "Nothing will get better until we get rid of our materialistic thinking..."
2010 May 30: Cameras to monitor melting Everest
2010 May 28: Into The Cold's Sebastian Copeland Journeys Across Greenland's Melting Glaciers
2010 May 27: Study: Ocean Warmed Significantly Over Past 16 Years
2010 May 27: The Future of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Observed and Predicted Changes, Tipping Points...
2010 May 25: Global warming is making Mount Everest more dangerous to climb
2010 May 25: Everest is reduced to dangerous rubble as ice melts
2010 May 24: New Studies Provide Further Proof of Climate Change
2010 May 21: Activist L Bidgood Jr: If Greenland's ice-cap melting continues accelerating and becomes irreversible
2010 May 21: Ice and ocean processes in the Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica
2010 May 19: Weighing Greenland
2010 May 19: Scientists say Arctic sea ice melting toward record
2010 May 19: Greenland's Ice Melt May Be Speeding Up
2010 May 18: Greenland Rapidly Rising As Ice Melt Continues
2010 May 17: Racing Time On Oceania's Highest Peak. Our race against time
2010 May 13: The Rising Sea. The sea is rising! The sea is rising!
2010 May 7: Ice Streams: Charting the History of the Ice Caps
2010 May 4: Unlocking Secrets from the Ice In a Rapidly Warming Region
2010 May 4: Hot Times in the Arctic. To climate scientists, positive feedbacks can be a bête noire
2010 May 2: Tibet is Melting and turning into Desert - Video
2010 May 1: The Edge of Ice: an up-close and informative encounter with glaciers in the Southern Patagonian Ice...
2010 Apr 30: Melting icebergs cause sea levels to rise by the width of just a human hair every year
2010 Apr 29: Melting sea ice spurs warming in Arctic
2010 Apr 28: Sea ice loss driving Arctic warming cycle, scientists confirm - Video
2010 Apr 28: Melting Sea Ice Major Cause of Warming in Arctic, New Study Reveals
2010 Apr 28: EPA: U.S. Climate Is Warming, Seas Rising, Glaciers Melting
2010 Apr 26: CLIMATE SCIENCE Ask The Locals
2010 Apr 25: Earth Day - Kayaker Lewis Gordon Pugh Paddles to North Pole to Show Thinning Arctic Ice - Video
2010 Apr 22: In the eye of the climate change storm
2010 Apr 21: The world at 4oC: last call on climate. A warning from the past and a blueprint for an emergency CO2...
2010 Apr 16: State of the Climate, Global Analysis, March 2010, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2010 Apr 15: Melting Permafrost Accelerating Global Warming.mp4 - Video
2010 Apr 14: 'No malpractice' by climate unit
2010 Apr 13: Canadian Ice Sheet Is Melting Rapidly, Study Shows
2010 Apr 13: Glaciers melting faster on Mt. Yulong
2010 Apr 13: Gravity-measuring satellites and GPS confirm Greenland ice melting, affecting more of Greenland Ice
2010 Apr 12: Decades of research show massive Arctic ice cap is shrinking
2010 Apr 11: From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers Warning (9) - Video (also watch 1-8)
2010 Apr 9: Austrian glaciers melting due to warm weather
2010 Apr 8: CryoSat-2 - The Ice Mission - Video
2010 Apr 8: Melting glaciers a concern for Glacier Park's tourism industry
2010 Apr 7: Glacier National Park loses two more. Expert: Many of the last 25 ice fields could be gone by 2020
2010 Apr 6: NASA | IceBridge 2010 with Lora Koenig - Video
2010 Apr 6: Into The Cold trailer "The ice is changing so rapidly, it's melting so quickly" - Video
2010 Mar 28: Himalayan glaciers shrank 16% in 50 yrs: Isro
2010 Mar 27: Global Warming Ends Border Dispute, Swallows an Island - Video
2010 Mar 23: Alpine Glaciers Melting Fast, Expert Says
2010 Mar 22: Wind contributing to Arctic sea ice loss, study finds
2010 Mar 21: Retreat of glaciers since 1850
2010 Mar 18: Climate Change: bridging scientific knowledge and public policy
2010 Mar 14: Al Gore - Hearing on Global Warming - 28th January 2009 - Video
2010 Mar 5: Study: Methane is Rapidly Leaking Through Holes in Arctic Permafrost
2010 Mar 5: Decreasing Albedo a Major Cause of Warming Arctic
2010 Mar 4: Methane bubbles in Arctic seas stir warming fears
2010 Mar 3: The health risks of a big carbon footprint
2010 Mar 2: Ecological Cost of Retreating Himalayan Glaciers. Looming Environmental Threat from Receding...
2010 Mar 2: Research team breaks the ice with new estimate of glacier melt
2010 Mar 1: China eyeing perks of ice-free Arctic: study
2010 Mar 1: Arctic Sea Ice stays low
2010 Feb 27: We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change
2010 Feb 27: What We Know about Climate Change - Video
2010 Feb 26: Arctic arch failure leads to sea-ice exodus
2010 Feb 26: Giant Antarctic iceberg could affect global ocean circulation
2010 Feb 25: Mammoth iceberg could alter ocean circulation: study
2010 Feb 22: Ice Shelves Disappearing on Antarctic Peninsula
2010 Feb 21: Global warming is still here, sorry politicians
2010 Feb 18: Understanding Global Climate Change Through New Breakthroughs in Polar Research
2010 Feb 16: NASA Finds Warmer Ocean Speeding Greenland Glacier Melt
2010 Feb 16: Subtropical Waters Reach Greenland
2010 Feb 16: No doubt, Himalayan glaciers are melting fast: Pachauri
2010 Feb 15: Fjords Contribute to Melting of Glaciers
2010 Feb 11: The Glaciers Are Still Melting
2010 Feb 11: Polar explorer sees economic opportunity as driving force on global warming
2010 Feb 10: Snowstorm: East Coast Blizzard Tied to Climate Change
2010 Feb 10: Climate 'Tipping Points' May Arrive Without Warning, Says Top Forecaster
2010 Feb 9: Climate Science 2009. 2009 was the year the scientific literature caught up with what top scientists...
2010 Feb 8: Historic Alaskan Glacier Melt Less Than Previously Thought...But Recent Retreat is Double the Average
2010 Feb 8: As G7 ministers meet in Arctic capital, the place keeps on melting…
2010 Feb 8: Climate scientists hit out at 'sloppy' melting glaciers error
2010 Feb 6: Arctic sea ice vanishing faster than 'our most pessimistic models': researcher
2010 Feb 5: Int'l study finds Arctic sea ice melting; changing weather, threatening mammals
2010 Feb 5: Arctic climate changing faster than expected
2010 Feb 4: Don’t confuse weather, climate
2010 Feb 3: Economist Defends Global Warming Statistics
2010 Feb 1: Pentagon to Include Climate Change in Major New Defense Review
2010 Jan 31: Mt. Rainier's melting glaciers create hazard
2010 Jan 28: Computer model demonstrates that white roofs may successfully cool cities
2010 Jan 28: The National Geographic archives: Global warming - Video
2010 Jan 28: Melting Arctic Ice: What Satellite Images Don't See
2010 Jan 25: The National Geographic archives: Antarctica's glacial melt - Video
2010 Jan 25: The National Geographic archives: The world's melting glaciers - Video
2010 Jan 25: World's glaciers continue to melt at historic rates
2010 Jan 24: NASA's Prophet Will Give You Nightmares. Ignore James Hansen's climate predictions at your peril.
2010 Jan 22: Scientist Discusses Latest Report of Rising Global Temperatures
2010 Jan 22: Global warming is real, and we should be worried
2010 Jan 21: 2009: Second Warmest Year on Record; End of Warmest Decade
2010 Jan 21: How Fast Are Himalayan Glaciers Melting?
2010 Jan 20: World's glaciers melting at accelerated pace, leading scientists say
2010 Jan 19: Book Review: The Climate Crisis — A Fresh New Look
2010 Jan 18: Regional Arctic scenario experiments with RCAO. The Arctic sea ice extent has been very low...
2010 Jan 18: Tipping Point? West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Become Unstable as World Warms
2010 Jan 17: Glaciers Melting in the Himalayas
2010 Jan 17: Polar Bear Living on the Edge of Extinction
2010 Jan 15: Get ready for seven-foot sea level rise as climate change melts ice sheets
2010 Jan 14: Meltdown in Antarctica. Climate changes are melting large ice sheets in areas of Antarctica - Video
2010 Jan 15: CLIMATE SCIENCE LINKS — 2009 - Video
2010 Jan 14: Arctic Sea Ice Melting Earlier, May Worsen Global Warming
2010 Jan 8: Is Antarctica Melting?
2010 Jan 7: Climate change, no hiding place? The betting is that 2010 will be the hottest year on record
2010 Jan 7: Doubt global warming? The planet won't tell a lie 
2010 Jan 6: Experts: Despite cold snap, earth still warming. Scientists not connecting recent blast of cold weather... 
2010 Jan 6: Canadian Arctic ice outpacing global melt average: study 
2010 Jan 4: The year climate science caught up with what top scientists have been saying privately for years
2010 Jan 4: C.I.A. Is Sharing Data With Climate Scientists
2010 Jan 3: The Rising Sea - Video
2010 Jan 1: Are the Glaciers Melting? Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Antarctica
2010 Jan 1: New signs of climate change: shifting seasons, warmer Antarctica
2010 Jan 1: SEA LEVEL over the altimetry era. Global and Regional
2009 Dec 31: 7 glaciers melting
2009 Dec 31: Melting glaciers feed marine life with ancient carbon 
2009 Dec 30: Charting the Course of Arctic Warmth…and Oceanography
2009 Dec 25: Updating the Climate Science What Path is the Real World Following?
2009 Dec 23: Ice Melting Faster Everywhere
2009 Dec 22: Waging a global war on climate change. OUR OPINION: Copenhagen Accord sets world on path to...
2009 Dec 19: Bolivian Glaciers Melting Fast - Video  
2009 Dec 19: Something's rotten under the Arctic cap
2009 Dec 18: Melting Glaciers Are Evidence of Global Warming. Melting Ice and Sea Level Rise Linked to climate...
2009 Dec 18: The Greenland Ice Sheet in a Changing Climate (GRIS)

2009 Dec 17: Ice Core Samples Reveal Black Soot Threatening Tibetan Glaciers

2009 Dec 16: The Trickle Down Effect     Film about melting glaciers in Greenland shows cause for concern
2009 Dec 16: I Saw Greenland Melting
2009 Dec 16: Double Trouble for Polar Bears: Melting Arctic Sea Ice and Offshore Oil Development
2009 Dec 15: Sub-continental Smut: Is Soot the Culprit Behind Melting Himalayan Glaciers?
2009 Dec 15: The Melting Accelerates
2009 Dec 14: Greenland Ice Sheet Melting - Video
2009 Dec 14: Scientists Say Ice Shelves Melting Rapidly; Coral Reefs will disappear by middle of century:
2009 Dec 14: Gore: Polar ice may vanish in 5-7 years
2009 Dec 10: Bolivia's glacier: a vanishing future - Video 
2009 Dec 9: Sea Levels May Rise 3 Times Faster Than IPCC Estimated, Could Hit 6 Feet By 2100
2009 Dec 8: World Meteorological Organization 2000-2009 Warmest Hottest Decade On Record

2009 Dec 8: Glaciers melting so fast, a generation will be too late

2009 Dec 7: U.S. Scientists: Warming Arctic Not a Pretty Picture. Experts: Arctic warming may be irreversible
2009 Dec 7: EPA: Greenhouse Gases Threaten Public Health and the Environment / Science overwhelmingly...
2009 Dec 7: Low ice extent in Barents Sea and Hudson Bay
2009 Dec 7: Earth sensitive to C02 changes; Study that looks back three million years sounds new warning...
2009 Dec 6: Mt. Everest is Melting. ITN's James Mates examines how global warming is changing the… - Video
2009 Dec 6: A Tour of the Cryosphere / Educational Animation - Video
2009 Dec 5: Climate might be right for a deal
2009 Dec 2: We used to say "Let's go up to the ice cap"… now it's 100 meters below us - Video
2009 Dec 2: Big Freeze: Earth Could Plunge into Sudden Ice Age
2009 Dec 2: Antarctic ice melt may push seas up
2009 Dec 2: Communicating Climate Science in a Changing Media Landscape - Video
2009 Dec 1: Antarctic poses 'real problem' - Audio
2009 Dec 1: Himalaya Glaciers Melting At Unprecedented Rate - Video
2009 Dec 1: A Farewell to Old Sea Ice - Video
2009 Dec 1: UAF chooses shipyard to build Alaska Region Research Vessel
2009 Dec 1: The Lancet medical journal: Cutting greenhouse gas emissions has major direct health benefits
2009 Dec 1: Major sea level rise likely as Antarctic ice melts
2009 Nov 30: Big Freeze Plunged Europe Into Ice Age in Months
2009 Nov 30: Nepal's government to meet on Mt Everest
2009 Nov 28: Nature: The Final Frontier of Politics
2009 Nov 25: Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment
2009 Nov 25: New Report Provides Update on Recent Climate Changes               Full report
2009 Nov 24: Global Warming Report Finds Time Running Out
2009 Nov 24: Swedish EU Presidency: Emissions from transport and destruction of the rainforests must be cut now
2009 Nov 24: The Copenhagen Diagnosis Updating The World on the Latest Climate Science
2009 Nov 23: Staggering Global Warming Statistics Emerge As UN Meeting Looms
2009 Nov 23: NZ's glaciers melting away - scientists - Video
2009 Nov 23: NZ's glaciers melting away - scientists
2009 Nov 23: CO2 levels keep rising as key climate talks loom
2009 Nov 22: World's largest ice sheet melting faster than expected
2009 Nov 22: East Antarctic ice sheet may be losing mass
2009 Nov 22: Beyond Copenhagen there's more than just cutting CO2
2009 Nov 20: On Thinner Ice, melting glaciers on the roof of the world. SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING - Video
2009 Nov 19: Food-climate theorist Brown to lecture at Colorado State
2009 Nov 18: Dalai Lama Appeals to China About Drying Tibet Rivers
2009 Nov 15: Peak Carbon Is History — The U.S. Has Entered a New Energy Era
2009 Nov 14: DFID announces £50m grant to Nepal on climate change
2009 Nov 14: Lakes formed by glacier melt, threatening valleys
2009 Nov 13: A Warming Arctic     Greenland's Ice Sheet Melting Faster than Ever
2009 Nov 13: UK aid to fight climate change
2009 Nov 12: A Brief Statement on Global Warming
2009 Nov 9: Changing Arctic Affecting Air, Ocean, And Everything In Between
2009 Nov 9: India 'arrogant' to deny global warming link to melting glaciers
2009 Nov 8: Vanishing glaciers jolt smokestack China
2009 Nov 7: Efforts to Stem Global Warming Moving at Glacial Pace     US lawmakers working on legislation...
2009 Nov 5: Climate migration will grow as changes take hold - experts
2009 Nov 5: Arctic Sea Ice Extent Way Below 20 year average     They say a picture is worth a thousand words
2009 Nov 3: Kilimanjaro snows melt away in dramatic evidence of climate change
2009 Nov 3: Chili's South is Home to 3,700 Glaciers, most of them slowly melting
2009 Nov 3: Religions Take a Bold Step Towards a Low-Carbon Future
2009 Nov 2: Goodbye, Snows of Kilimanjaro
2009 Nov 2: Why Are the Himalayan Glaciers Melting?
2009 Oct 31: Himalayan glaciers melting fast. Scientists: Bangladesh to face catastrophe
2009 Oct 30: Melting Mountains
2009 Oct 29: 2009 Sea Ice Update
2009 Oct 29: Disappearing glaciers
2009 Oct 28: Melting Kyrgyz Glaciers Pose Threat
2009 Oct 27: A lonely struggle for the iceman
2009 Oct 26: World-leading climate scientists to discuss implications of new estimates
2009 Oct 23: Himalayan glaciers' melting poses threat to not only Bhutan, but entire South Asia
2009 Oct 22: Arctic Code Red: Could Become an Overwhelming Source of Greenhouse Gas
2009 Oct 21: U.N. Climate Change Science Compendium 2009
2009 Oct 19: Arctic ocean to be ice-free in summer
2009 Oct 19: Dressing for Copenhagen
2009 Oct 18: Science CO2 Levels Haven't Been This High For 15 Million Years
2009 Oct 15: Arctic Ice Cap To Vanish During Summers
2009 Oct 14: Arctic Now Traps 25 Percent of World’s Carbon -- But That Could Change
2009 Oct 10: Melting Swiss Alp Glaciers are most impacted by climate change
2009 Oct 6: Arctic Sea Ice Extent is Third Lowest on Record
2009 Oct 6: NASA | Arctic Sea Ice 101 by Tom Wagner, Cryosphere Program Manager NASA - Video
2009 Oct 6: Fight climate change by ending war
2009 Oct 6: Arctic sea ice extent remains low; 2009 sees third-lowest mark
2009 Oct 5: Apple, citing climate, tells U.S. Chamber iQuit
2009 Oct 4: Soot Clouds Pose Threat to Himalayan Glaciers
2009 Oct 1: Who turned out the lights
2009 Oct 1: Glaciers melting in Kashmir
2009 Oct 1: Why are glaciers melting? True facts
2009 Sep 28: Greenland's ice melting faster than expected - Video
2009 Sep 28: 4C Temperature Rise 'Extreme but Plausible'
2009 Sep 25: NASA Satellite Laser Images Reveal Extreme Polar Melting     After analyzing 50 million laser...
2009 Sep 25: U.N.: Climate Change Surpasses Worst-Case Scenarios     Droughts, acidic oceans and melting...
2009 Sep 24: Ancient Glaciers Are Disappearing Faster Than Ever
2009 Sep 24: Glaciers Melting Faster Than Expected
2009 Sep 24: Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster Than Previously Thought     According to a study that might help...
2009 Sep 24: Global Collapse, Human Survival and the Planet's Boundaries
2009 Sep 23: Warming seas, Greenland melt studied. Researchers have been poking into glaciers to test melt...
2009 Sep 23: Greenland Glaciers Melting At Unprecedented Rates - Video
2009 Sep 23: Study: ‘Runaway’ melt on Antarctica, Greenland. Experts find more ‘pervasive, enduring’ thinning…
2009 Sep 22: World Leaders Call for Action at U.N. Summit, Offer Few Commitments
2009 Sep 22: U.N. Chief Praises World Unity in Fight Against Climate Change
2009 Sep 22: U.N. climate summit leaves large carbon footprint
2009 Sep 22: Decoupling China in the climate debate
2009 Sep 22: Press Conference by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at U.N. HQ
2009 Sep 20: South Asia: Disunity hovers over a region battling climate change
2009 Sep 18: How The Earth Was Made: Global Warming: Disappearing Glaciers - Video
2009 Sep 18: Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Minimum Extent For 2009, Third Lowest Ever Recorded
2009 Sep 18: Time to go easy on Mother Earth
2009 Sep 14: $1.1 Trillion to Cut Carbon Emissions in India
2009 Sep 13: Climate change homework
2009 Sep 10: Glaciers and climate change
2009 Sep 9: Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole - Video
2009 Sep 9: Which is more important, global-warming or ObamaCare?
2009 Sep 9: 90 reasons to care about Copenhagen
2009 Sep 9: Glaciers melting in Greenland - Video    
2009 Sep 9: Alaskan winters are 10 degrees warmer now than in 1937
2009 Sep 8: WWF Fears on Arctic Melt
2009 Sep 2: Greenland glaciers melting faster than ever
2009 Sep 1: The Age of Stupid - Video
2009 Sep 1: issue of Health magazine, Thinner you = healthier planet. Reversing the damage of global warming won't be easy, but we all can help just by losing a little weight. Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that the heavier we are, the more greenhouse gases we produce. Here's how it works., according to their research. If you eat more, it takes more energy to produce your food; if you gain weight, you're more likely to drive a car than walk (using more energy), and the car you drive is likely to be a larger car (which is less fuel-efficient). Mother Nature would really like us to get on a diet!
2009 Aug 27: Ice Glacier Melt Across The World - Video
2009 Aug 27: New Signs of Warming At Antarctic - Video
2009 Aug 27: Energy Projects in Central Denmark Region    
2009 Aug 26: A REALLY Inconvenient Truth: Dan Miller. The Berkeley Cybersalon - Video
2009 Aug 17: So many amplifying methane feedbacks, so little time to stop them all
2009 Aug 13: Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast' - Video
2009 Aug 9: Vast Expanses of Arctic Ice Melt in Summer Heat
2009 Aug 8: Major meltdown is under way
2009 Aug 7: Three "benchmark glaciers" rapidly retreating
2009 Aug 6: Washington State South Cascade glacier shows alarming rate of melt - Video
2009 Jul 30: Climate change expected to sharply increase Western wildfire burn area; as much as 175% by 2050s
2009 Jul 30: The technology of recovery: White roofs reflect a cooler future
2009 Jul 21: Steven Chu believes the cap-and-trade bill is a great opportunity for America to lead... - Video
2009 Jul 20: Arctic Melt Caught on Video
2009 Jul 15: Urgent action needed as Arctic ice melts
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2009 Jul 13: Chilean Glaciers Melting At Unprecedented Rates
2009 Jul 1: Talks Stewart Brand Proclaims 4 Environmental 'heresies' - Video
2009 Jul 1: White Roofs Catch On as Energy Cost Cutters
2009 Jun 29: The Geology of Glacier Bay National Park. Almost 100 Years Old, Park is Losing Glacial Coverage
2009 Jun 15: Slamming the Climate Skeptic Scam
2009 Jun 15: Our hellish future: Definitive NOAA-led report on U.S. climate impacts warns of scorching 9 to 11°F...
2009 Jun 14: High Water: Greenland ice sheet melting faster than expected and could raise East Coast sea levels...
2009 Jun 13: Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster Than Expected; Larger Contributor To Sea-Level Rise Than...
2009 Jun 11: Flow, Irena Salina's award-winning documentary investigation - Videos 1 thru 8
2009 Jun 5: Home, a film by French Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand was released.     YouTube Other
2009 Jun 8: Film: The End of the Line, where are all the fish gone? The inconvenient truth about the oceans
2009 May 27: Photos Document Melting Glaciers of Alaska, Switzerland
2009 May 21: Shrinking Glaciers. Area of Earth Covered By Ice is Decreasing
2009 May 20: 90 Quelccaya Ice-Cap melting · Peru - Video
2009 May 20: M.I.T. doubles its 2095 warming projection to 10°F — with 866 ppm and Arctic warming of 20°F
2009 May 14: M.I.T. Technology Review, Q & A: U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu
2009 Apr 28: The world's melting glaciers
2009 Apr 23: The Melting of Antarctica - Video
2009 Apr 17: Glaciers and Climate Change. Glaciologists use Climate Data Recorded in Ice
2009 Apr 11: Arctic Ice is Melting. The 30-year decline is accelerating, new data show
2009 Apr 7: NASA images show thinning Arctic sea ice
2009 Apr 4: Wilkins Ice Shelf Fracturing
2009 Apr 1: UK Scientist Warns of Impacts by Climate Change in China
2009 Mar 25: Arctic meltdown is a threat to humanity
2009 Mar 17: U.S. media largely ignores latest warning from climate scientists: “Recent observations confirm …
2009 Mar 16: Climate-related changes on the Antarctic peninsula
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2009 Feb 19: Arctic sea ice will probably not recover
2009 Feb 19: Sylvia Earle: How to protect the oceans (TED Prize winner!) - Video
2009 Feb 17: So much for geoengineering, Ocean dead zones to expand, “remain for thousands of years”
2009 Feb 13: World carbon dioxide levels jump 2.3 ppm in 2008 to highest in 650,000 - if not 20 million - years
2009 Feb 10: HD: Arctic Melt Time Lapse - Nature's Great Events: The Great Melt - BBC One - Video
2009 Feb 9: Keeping a Watchful Eye on Unstable Antarctic Ice
2009 Feb 7: World's Ice Melting Faster than Ever. Global Warming Shrinks Glaciers and Collapses Ice Shelves
2009 Feb 5: Antarctic ice sheet collapse may swamp U.S. coasts
2009 Jan 30: World's Glaciers shrink for 18th Year
2009 Jan 29: Global glacier melt continues
2009 Jan 26: NOAA stunner: Climate change “largely irreversible for 1000 years,” with permanent Dust Bowls in...
2009 Jan 23: Science: Global warming is killing U.S. trees, a dangerous carbon-cycle feedback
2009 Jan 21: Antarctica Has Warmed Significantly Over Past 50 Years Revisited
2009 Jan 19: Everest's Melting Glaciers - Video
2009 Jan 8: Half of world's population could face climate-induced food crisis by 2100
2009 Jan 1: Climate change spares no one
2009 Jan 1: "Earthlings" the movie - Video
2009 Jan 1: THE VENUS PROJECT, beyond Politics, Poverty & War - Video
2008 Nov 24: Tibetan Glaciers Melting at Stunning Rate
2008 Nov 7: Arctic Sea Ice Decline Shakes Up Ecosystems
2008 Nov 3: Arctic Sea Ice Is Suddenly Getting Thinner As Well As Receding
2008 Oct 31: Warmer Antarctica Shows Climate Changing on Every Continent
2008 Oct 26: Study: Water-vapor feedback is “strong and positive” so we face “warming of several degrees Celsius”
2008 Oct 6: Most Alaskan Glaciers Retreating, Thinning, Or Stagnating
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2007 Nov 10: Global Warming - Antarctica Ice - Video
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2007 Oct 12: Climate Change Research Recognized In 2007 Nobel Peace Prize 
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2007 Aug 17: The 11th Hour, a feature film documentary created, produced & narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio
2007 Aug 15: Scientists warn Arctic sea ice is melting at its fastest rate since records began 
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2007 Jan 1: Observations: Changes in Snow, Ice and Frozen Ground
2006 Oct 30: The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, most comprehensive review ever carried out
2006 Oct 16: First Direct Evidence That Human Activity Is Linked To Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse
2006 Aug 11: Greenland melt 'speeding up'
2006 Mar 21: Radar Altimetry Confirms Global Warming Is Affecting Polar Glaciers
2006 Mar 2: Antarctic Ice Sheet Losing Mass, Says University Of Colorado Study
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2005 Dec 16: How To Help Prevent Global Warming With Your Roof
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2005 Apr 21: Antarctic glaciers show retreat. The glaciers of the Antarctic Peninsula are in rapid retreat
2005 Feb 24: Ice Melting Everywhere
2005 Feb 18: New proof that man has caused global warming
2005 Feb 03: Antarctic Iceberg Gets Stuck. Sea ice cracks up all around
2005 Feb 2: Antarctic's ice 'melting faster'. A team of UK researchers claims to have new evidence
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2004 Jul 14: Climate fears for rising waters. London could be among the "first cities to go"…
2004 Apr 7: Greenland ice cap 'doomed to meltdown'
2004 Jan 1: The Skeptics vs. the Ozone Hole by Jeffrey Masters Ph.D.
2003 Nov 6: Ice-Cores May Yield Clues to 5,000-Year-Old Mystery. Quelccaya retreating 40 x faster than in 1963
2002 Jul 1: The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future
2002 Mar 19: Antarctic ice shelf breaks apart
2002 Jan 1: Ice Melting Everywhere
2000 Mar 23: World's biggest iceberg on the loose
2000 Mar 7: Earth enters the big thaw. Around the world, ice sheets and glaciers are melting…
1998 Jan 29: Antarctica under threat
1978 Jan 26: West AntarctIc Ice sheet and CO2 greenhouse effect: a threat of disaster
December 15th 2009, former Vice President Al Gore addressed the largest international climate meeting in history, currently underway in Copenhagen, Denmark. Interrupted often with outbursts of applause and ending with a standing ovation, Vice President Gore made clear what's at stake during the U.N. Conference this week: nothing short of the future of human civilization as we know it. Watch the speech: http://repoweramerica.org/wall/#/view/44235
Calling for swift action on a global scale this year, particularly in the United States, Vice President Gore reminded negotiators in attendance that “we are all in this together,” and that failure in Copenhagen is not an option.
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