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"I am in awe of those who are willing to take a stand for issues as important as our fragile ecology. Says much about you. Welcome friend and I look forward to our paths crossing again and again." - Dr. Wayne Baird
"Great site. Love your quote: "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." - Haida outlook on life and Earth. It's very scary what is going on, yet so many people never even think about it, worse still do not even care!!!" - Gail Astley
"Keep up the good work Chris...people like you are the unsung hero's of the world. I am producing a DVD on the recent worlds mirror class yacht champs held in Albany Western Australia...and i have never sailed before. But it is to promote sailing as a sport for a young folk...good for anti-social behavior....these young folk will hopefully take over your efforts one day....to save this rock of ours that floats in space with albedo dangers." - Paul Pietersen
"Love your work!!" - Alison Banks
"I love the white earth website...very cool!" - Danielle Zakar Fleenor
"Very important what you do. Congratulation." - Andrea Mura
"Love the work you've done at whiteearth.org!" - Mike Martinsen
"You are so doing great work! Well done! You must have a science background? If I was still teaching, I would sure make use of your whiteearth website! Awesome!" - Kathy Da Silva
"Thank you for sharing your message and mission. Inspiring." - Christel Douglas Nickel
"I went into your websites.... simply AWESOME. Great work! Thanks in the name of humanity. Really, thanks" - Norma Rivera
"White Earth is very thought provoking and disturbing. Your research is extensive and impressive. Thanks for sharing!" - Kathy Wright Coorens
"Interesting work. many people still unaware of the importance of the poles to the natural balance of other ecosystems. Congratulations." - Juani Lopez
"Good work Christopher." - Jared Akama Ondieki
"I checked out the white earth site and really appreciate what you are doing! I will look at it further soon!" - Gary Freireich
"This is amazing stuff..:)" - Stacy Watts
"This is awesome!" - Andrea Lahouze
"Terrific info on your site - thanks so much for your work." - Jacqui Karr
"Looking over WhiteEarth ... interesting. Simple. Just might work! Or at least help. Not sure anything can actually stop this freight train called climate change but maybe we can slow it down, temper it. We got to try." - Rob Garvey
"I checked out WhiteEarth....Congrats on all your hard work! Good job!" - Lesa Galbraith
"Thank you for your involving in the defense of the earth. It's important to save our future and have the opportunity to give a better world to our kids." - Emanuela Pallottini
"Thank you, Christopher, for your effort on behalf of us all and all life on our planet!!! Thank you for adding to my knowledge through you website." - Ron Levy
"Thank you! I agree our planet , our home is dying from Global Warming!!" - Kathleen Ann Lippman-Nixon
"I'm so glad you are working on awareness, I believe that truly is the only way we can rally enough people to make a difference!! Great Work." - Barbara Shneider
"Ty appreciate it very much!! And am honored to have you as a friend! Great work!!!!" - Jamie Herman
"Cheers Christopher thank you for all you do...Wishing you the best!!" - Pao Sz
"Great to see the work you have done! Keep up the excellent work!" - Erik Brush
"I am very concerned about our Earth...so, I have great respect for your involvement..!" - Amy Polling
"Rock on! Environmental and ecological issues are near and dear to my heart. Wishing you every success with this project." - Geoffrey Notkin
"Kudos to you Christopher for all your initiative and hard work on this." - Brian Benson
"excellent site - look forward to collaboration" - Michel Aw
"Great stuff, bless your efforts. I am going to look this over now :)" - Amber's Organics
"Congrats. Awesome project." - Gloria D' Bat
"Thanks for all you are doing to heal our planet. Peace and gratitude." - Jane Miller
"Thank you Chris for raising the awareness. May we increase our sense of self love and inner peace and in doing so may humanity value all lives as its own. Om! Peace! Amen!" - Shanti Peace Paz
"Super tes photos, tes sites et ton action pour la plančte." - Genevieve Porcheron
"Great site / Great cause / I will post its link in our network sites @ http://www.facebook.com/l/db0ed;www.GlobalWildlifeWarriors.spruz.com & http://www.facebook.com/l/db0ed;www.SeaShepherds.spruz.com Haven't added a link page yet on http://www.facebook.com/l/db0ed;www.GlobalWildlifeWarriors.org but its coming!" - Mystic Rebel
"Great job! The climate change problem needs better champions right now. Thanks for stepping up." - Charles Harmison
"Congratulation on your effort Christopher, it is a great cause, best of luck;-)" - Olivier Clamagirand
"So glad to have known you and to be friend with you. I see that everything on our planet is connected together. We have same enemy and same goal. I'm happy to know that." - Noro Oyakawa
"I share your commitment. Thank you for creating a source of change WhiteEarth.org." - Steven Faringhy
"Very cool work Christopher...we are in a race to find the solutions" - Chip Comins
"Reading about this destruction brings tears of sadness to my eyes. Thank you for your commitment to make a difference" - Christina LaFrance Christner
"Thank You Christopher. This is an Honor. It is great when our environment is cared for with true compassion and through natural engineering and common sense... because I believe that makes it so very probable that our efforts will make sound economic sense and lasting change for good can take place." - Mike Roepke
"Nice, very interesting site." - Dany Ouellet
"Will help spread awareness about your wonderful mission and website on the FB environmental groups I belong too....Thank you Christopher for your beautiful energy!!" - Lanis Loveday Chidel
"Thank you very much Christopher for sharing this important information! Actually the oil spill is also directly responsible for the melting of the ice. Yes, we indeed need to act immediately to at least 'mitigate' the consequences of human impact on our planet! Thanks to people like yourself, more and more people understand the big picture. We need to keep this wave rolling and make it a tsunami so the world will finally wake up and see what we have done. All we can do is keep fighting the good fight as much as possible and I believe you are already giving +200% of your energy for the planet, Thank you very much for that!!" - Stefanie Voigt
"Thank You Christopher so much for all that You Do to make a difference in this world that we all live in. One person can make a difference and you most definitely do! Peace, Waves and Healthy Oceans!" - Katherine Reed
"Together we shall make a difference Christopher. Keep up the great work! We should all be very concerned about climate change aspects. Thank you for leading the charge on reflectivity." - Fabien Cousteau
"Christopher, you, as well as your FB page and causes are awesome. Consider me one of your biggest fans." - Mabel White
""Thank you" Christopher for all your hard work and dedication. We will definitely do a fundraiser and get some more volunteers together for you. Please contact me via my email and leave your contact phone number so we can talk...and "Thanks" for being part of the solution!!!" - Kathy L. Carrillo
"Thank you for sharing your link ~ This is a wonderful website and I will continue to share ..." - Julie Nelson
"Very informative web page." - Kim Cole
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